It is with great pleasure that we announce you that our school is now a part of the European Programme E-Twinning and has successfully accomplished the project

“Christmas stars…Christmas cards”.


    The aims of the project were:

1. To celebrate Christmas

2. To involve students in an encouraging and communicative activity

3. To exchange Christmas cards

4. To promote arts


    For the completion of the project each school had to create at least 15 handmade Christmas cards and send them to schools around Europe (Greece, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Romania etc) by mail.


    The Christmas postcards received from around Europe, were decorating our school during the Christmas period and in the same way our cards decorated the halls of the other schools. Through this activity we promoted the contact between various cultures and languages.


    The project engaged students in fun and easy communicative activities with children from around Europe. Therefore we celebrated Christmas in a very cheerful and exciting way. Finally, we shared our experience which we gained from the project with teachers from different countries.

Our partner’s, Makedonitissa A’ Primary School in Nicosia, implementation of the project Let’s present a fairytale from our country to Europe